So you’ve been asked to be in someone’s bridal party and you said yes without really knowing what you were signing up for. Don’t worry, that whole dancing down the aisle fad isn’t a tradition at every wedding. As a bridal party member, you are not only a special part of the wedding day, but also have a few responsibilities along the road to “I do”. Make sure you’re prepared for the tasks (and costs) of being part of the bride and groom’s entourage.

As a groomsman, you’ll probably have the least amount of responsibilities in the bridal party. That being said, try not to flake out on the things you are tasked with. Your most important obligation is to be on time and ready to help out at any of the wedding festivities you’re invited to, most importantly the wedding and reception. This could also include the engagement party, couple’s shower, bachelor party, ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Check with the bride and groom to see if they need a hand with anything during those festivities. You should also lend a hand to the best man with planning the bachelor party.

Best Man
As the best man, you’re sort of the groom’s go-to guy, meaning you’ll be in charge of a few more things than the rest of the groomsmen. It’s your job to plan the groom’s bachelor party, so make sure you show him a night he’ll never forget but make sure he’s in one piece and not hungover over the day of the wedding. You’ll also be expected to give a speech at the reception. Just remember, it’s ok to be funny, even sentimental, but keep it PG and don’t bring up any embarrassing past relationship stories. Nobody wants to be reminded of that on their wedding day, as hilarious a story it might be.

Just like the groomsmen, you’re expected to be on time and ready to help out at all of the wedding events. However, as a bridesmaid, you’ll also be responsible for collaborating with the other bridesmaids on planning a shower for the bride to be (or a couple’s shower, if that’s more the bride and groom’s thing). Other than that, you should offer to help the bride with her miscellaneous pre-wedding tasks, like stuffing invite envelopes or putting together favors. And try not to give the bride too much grief over the bridesmaid dresses, even if they’re the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen.

Maid of Honor
In addition to planning the bridal shower with the bridesmaids, you also get the honor of planning the bachelorette party. Try to keep the bride in mind when planning too; if she’s more of a spa day kind of girl, don’t plan an all night rager just because it’s what you would want. At the bridal shower, you’ll be the one responsible for recording all the gifts received at the bridal shower so thank you notes can be written. Other than that, you are essentially the bride’s assistant on the big day. Hold her bouquet at the altar, adjust her train/veil, bustle her dress and be her support system.

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