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The Consulate General of Brazil is located at 401 N. Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Whether you are a Brazil native seeking information about your country of origin or a foreigner trying to cross your t’s and dot your i’s prior to taking an international trip, the Consulate is the place to assist you in doing so. While the majority of business being conducted is in Portuguese, there is no need to worry about any language barrier, as the Consulate has several translation specialists. English is certainly an option! Be prepared to show identification, as you would at any United States office; yes, that means carry your Driver’s License, State Identification card, Social Security Card, and/or any other form of ID establishing your identity. Might I add, if you are anything like me, you may get caught up in engaging in conversation, simply because, unlike most state and county offices, where the employees seem to have more bad days than good, the employees at the Consulate are friendly and just plain-hospitable.

Some of the services provided:

  • Accessing vital statistics information (Birth/Death Certificates)
  • Travel/tourism information (Passports)
  • Transferring human remains/ashes
  • Applying for a marriage license
  • Acquisition of a visa
  • Power of Attorney

Hours of operation vary for the type of service required. The Consulate does not make appointments! Business is conducted on a first come, first serve basis.

The Consulate General of Brazil has general services available as well as many legalization services. It even has Notary services, saving you yet another stop! For a quick overview of the Consulate, you can visit online at brazilconsulatechicago.org.

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