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On any given Saturday this summer, there will be at least five bridal parties vying for a photo-worthy spot next to “The Bean” or Buckingham Fountain.  Instead of fighting the masses, try one of these spots to showcase your favorite city on your big day.

Chicago River – It might not be as big and blue as Lake Michigan, but when the sunlight hits it just right, it’s just as gorgeous. The Franklin Street Bridge is a great spot over looking the water, but if you want to get more adventurous, try taking a water taxi out for some fun action shots.

Kinzie Street Bridge – This spot is great for a large wedding party.  The steelwork on the bridge reminds us why this is the City of Broad Shoulders, and its angles allow for some interesting poses. You can even get a glimpse of the city’s architecture and waterways peeking through.

Lurie Garden in Millennium Park – Yes, this is still in Millennium Park, but this side of the park isn’t usually as over-run with tourists as Cloudgate or those giant faces (or The Crown Fountain, whatever you want to call it). Not only will you get a lush backdrop, particularly against The Shoulder Hedge, but depending which part of the garden you’re facing, you could get a nice shot of the skyline at the same time.

North Avenue Beach – A great choice for the romantic at heart.  Capture the wind blowing through your hair, the sand beneath your feet, the calming waters of Lake Michigan, and of course a prime view of the skyline.  The only downfall with shooting here for a summer wedding is the mass amount of sun-worshipers on a nice summer day, so this may be best for fall weddings, when it’s too cool for beach-goers.

L Stop – There is just something about the contrast of the mundane, usually dirty, CTA against the pure white of a wedding dress and crispness of a tux.  Choose a stop that has some significance in your relationship – maybe the stop you both got on at everyday before one of you made the first move, or the one closest to the place you share together.  Not only will it create some non-traditional photos, but you’ll have a little back story to tell your kids about when they look at your photos one day.  And if you time it right, you could get a great shot of the train whooshing by in the background.

*Bonus Rain Location:  If you’re lucky enough to have some rain on your wedding day (They say it’s good luck, right?), check out the lobby at the Hotel Allegro.  They have a nice mix of classic decor and really bright, funky colors that will give that white dress some great contrast!

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