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Even though this album dropped a few months back, the sheer spectacular sounds warrant Yeasayer’s Odd Blood with a review here at Gozamos. We’ll get to the amazing album in a second, but I want to take a moment to talk about the band’s name, Yeasayer, real quickly. With so much negative energy and so many nay sayers in the world, the name Yeasayer is what attracted me to the Brooklyn based band made up of Anand Wilder, Ira Wolf Tuton, Ahmed Gallab, Jason Trammell, and Chris Keating.

Yeasayer burst onto the scene (well, my scene anyway) in 2007 with their debut release “All Hour Cymbals,” and they soon developed an underground, cultish following. With a self-described “Middle-Eastern, psych-snap-gospel” sound, you get the idea: their sound is beyond unique. Listening to Odd Blood from track to track, outsiders might not even know it’s the same band. Odd Blood opens with “The Children,” the heavy bass and synthesized vocals putting listeners in a slight trance-like state. The mood is immediately replaced on track 2 with the upbeat “Ambling Alp,” urging listeners to “stick up for yourself son…nevermind what anybody else done.” The remainder of the album is an absolute journey into sound with Yeasayer as they transcend genres with a utilization of unique instruments and thought provoking lyrics. Ultimately, the album leaves fans wanting more music. And more music you shall have!

There’s a rumor out there that the Brooklyn natives locked themselves in the studio and dosed on acid, with the end result of the sessions being the sounds recorded on Odd Blood. Looking at the album cover and the album’s accompanying artwork, I would venture to believe this rumor. Now I’m not promoting drugs, but hot damn if drugs don’t help produce some of the best music the industry’s history has ever seen!

Either way you look at it, Yeasayer’s sophomore recording, Odd Blood is a must have. And if you’re smart, you’ll catch them live in Chicago at Lollapalooza this summer. Be there, or as they say, be square!

AUGUST 6 – 8 at LOLLAPALOOZA in CHICAGO, IL buy tickets


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