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There is no place like Dulce Landia. As soon as you step foot inside this delicious store you will be inspired to lick the walls, counters, and maybe even the floors (but I suggest you make a purchase before hand).

Walking into Dulce Landia, located 3411 west Irving Park Rd, Chicago, you are forced to try a piece of candy (okay, maybe not forced- I was more than willing!) literally served to you on a tray. Multiple colors and flavors are all awaiting your approval. Yes, you get samples! From coconut flags (my favorite Mexican candy) to flavored milk candy (try hazelnut and strawberry), the sweet smell that fills the air mixes nicely with some spice. If you’re at all into hot flavors try some mango flavored suckers: a hard candy with a chili center. These are just a few of thousands of different candies that they sell stacked like Mayan pyramids all through the store. Bags of de la Rosa, fun colored pixie sticks, tamarindo spoons, mumut cookies, paleta payaso: you name it, they will have it. If you’ve never heard of it, they’ll have it anyway! If you have never tried Mexican candy, I suggest going here to tempt your sweet tooth.

Dulce Landia is not just a candy store, it’s a Piñata store as well. Lined up as you walk in and hanging from the ceiling, there are dozens of piñata characters to choose from! What’s a fiesta with out beating something to pieces until your favorite candy falls out of it? Whether it’s Dora, Thomas the train, Snow White, or Sponge Bob Square Pants they won’t feel a thing, I promise! Let’s not forget the fun looking piñata sticks. Dozens wait in buckets of each corner of the store, custom made to match your party theme (requests are welcomed).

Finding my way to the back of the store, I noticed an alter of, you guessed it, CANDY! I have never seen a candy store with so much Hispanic culture and the colors of Mexico enchanting your vision. This Candy Land was extra fun to look at.

On my candy adventure, I noticed that you can also purchase your other miscellaneous party supplies. Balloons, paper plates with Disney characters, matching napkins, gift bags, streamers, and crazy colored confetti are all available to outfit your fiesta. Check out their store for holidays events as well. Christmas brings candy saints and toppers for breads and cakes. Let’s not forget El Dia de los Muertos! Who could resist a sugar skull? What’s a party without some Jose Cuervo? Dulce Landia has chocolate filled tequila that comes in a tequila bottle.

Dulce Landia is fantastic for bulk items at low prices with great quality candy. If you need a candy fix, it’s more than a perfect place to buy a pound or two mixed up for a few dollars. Stop by and appreciate the samples, the colors, smells, and, most of all, the candy. Check out Dulce Landia ‘s web site for more store locations at www.dulcelandia.com.

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