All along the long avenues, I’ve scuffed many pairs of Chuck Taylor’s. I was searching desperately for that one place where everybody knows my name. A desire to slam a foamy pint into another all while being the king of the moment, enjoy your throne. I’m finally home, and I’ve found a great feast of friends to enjoy these late night memories with. Terry McKay once said “winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.” Well prepare to warm those little toes of yours. So get your best Radiohead “Creep” cover ready as you gaze into the strange cornucopia of clashing pictures of green naked women, an abstract Albert Einstein picture, and much more. Over the years I’ve notoriously indulged in bars all over the greater Chicago area. The Gallery Cabaret offers far more than just a frothy pint of lager. When I stepped through the door I felt I was immediately thrown directly into the Cantina scene in Star Wars. As I waded through a collage of musicians and heavy drinkers, I knew soon after meeting the ever-polite host Garrett this place was truly something special. Deep into my inebriation and somewhere around the fourth artist on stage, I felt as if I were part of a family. All I can say is something magnificent is brewing here and trust me it’s not in the taps.

Out of every bar I’ve had the gull to walk into, the Gallery is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most lively and welcoming. Never have I seen such an overwhelming amount of support for local artists and musicians. Also, the open mics on Sunday and Thursday give people a chance to discover budding new artists. New acts should be on their toes because you will immediately be labeled a “Virgin,” then only to find yourself thrusted into the primetime spots to break that precious stage hymen. Did I forget to mention they offer free food on Sundays? That alone sounds like a solid reason to check this place out, right?

What Gallery Cabaret has is something that so many other bars have strived to attain, something that can’t be manufactured, licensed, or franchised. Gallery Cabaret has simply developed its own culture. This strange culture consists of a love for great music, cheap booze, and unique art. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a brave new world. The Gallery Cabaret is at the forefront of bringing you something funderful, whether it be music, drinks, or even epic conversations. I can’t help but to think if Jim Morrison were alive today, this is where he would go for some good old fashioned hard drink, for the entertainment of the Gods, and for a spectacle of the Heavens. Gallery Cabaret is located at 2020 N. Oakley Avenue and is open until 2 AM Monday through Friday and 3 AM on Saturdays. Come by and have a $6 pitcher of Leinenkugel, and meet all the characters you’ll soon not forget.

Gallery Cabaret
2020 N. Oakley Avenue
Chicago, IL

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