The Journey Home : Allende

A young man stumbles down Lincoln avenue towards Fullerton, in his hand is a shiny aluminum wrapped plate. His walk is staggered yet he keeps looking at his hand trying to not let his prize fall. He passes me and I get a look at what it was that he was cradling, and it was a plate of cheese fries. Excited, I stop him and ask, “Where’d you get that?” He stopped and looked at me with an insulted look on his face. Being Lincoln park I was ready for him to take a swing, but instead he says, “Allendes,” and stumbles along his merry way fries in hand. I’d never heard of this place but the prospect of cheese fries had already sold me on it. My mission for the rest of that night was to find this Allendes (actual name is Allende). The party had ended upon the arrival of police enforcing noise violations, typical of Lincoln Park parties, four over dressed & over Grey Goosed guys walk out of the building, myself among them. This night was not over yet; I had a mission to accomplish before hopping on the scooter and subsequently to my waiting bed. I needed to find this cheese fry dispensary so I asked one of my companions if they had heard of this wonderful place. He had indeed heard of Allende and this is where the night took us next. We walked into the unassuming black and white tiled Mexican eatery to a line around the high counter. Seeing the line we decided it would be prudent to just take a booth as there was one available. We sat. Upon seeing us have a seat a tired looking young woman came to the table to put down tortilla chips and salsa as well as take our drink order. “Cheese fries! ..and a limonada,” I stated with conviction. The look on her face was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, a simple OK is all she managed. After ordering I finally got a chance to observe my surroundings. The line was full of barely standing coeds. The booths packed with Lincoln park trixies trying to sober their drunk friends up before stumbling home. Now I realized why the blurted order was not an issue, the staff of this place are the most tolerant individuals known to man. The order came and it was more than I bargained for, my accomplices’ burritos were generously stuffed with steak and the usual fillings and my cheese fries were fillingly delicious.

Allende is in my opinion the best under rated late night Mexican food spot in Lincoln Park. I have gone back multiple times and have never been dissatisfied with my order. I recommend their food paired with good old fashioned limonada (lemonade made with limes). The friendly staff, having seen everything, can accommodate most any order, as long as its reasonable. One suggestion that I do make is that you be polite. Allende is located at 2408 N. Lincoln Avenue and is open till three. I also recommend the huevos rancheros.

Allende Restaurant‎
2408 North Lincoln Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60614-2415
(773) 477-7114‎

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