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Come out for 2010 US Air Guitar Championships tomorrow night at Metro. This hilarious event promises a fun night with rowdy fans, over the top costumes and wanna-be rock stars who jump and twist to put on the best performance of their lives.

If you think all it takes is head banging and screaming Wayne’s World style, think again. Contestants are judged in – get this – on an Olympics Figure Skating score scale based on 3 categories with 6 total points in each: Technical Merit (the more notes you hit on invisible frets the more you score), Stage Presence (how hard can you rock a crowd), and “Airness” (the “It” factor – can you take the performance to the next level beyond just imitating an invisible guitar?).  The regional champion selected tomorrow night will compete in a National Championship in New York City, who then will be flown to Finland to compete against the competitors from around the world. The place gets packed and judges drink beer and make sarcastic jokes. It’s like American Idol on acid.

On a side note, I’m rooting for Rocktopuss this year – his favorite color is RAD, by the way – he suffered a heartbreaking loss two years ago to Nordic Thunder who grabbed the glorious title of Chicago Regional Champion. Nordic Thunder’s loincloth gave him the edge, in my strictly personal opinion.

US Air Guitar Championships – Chicago Regional
Thursday, April 15th, 2010
At Metro
Hosted by Bjorn Turoque

Doors open at 8pm
Tickets $15
18 & over

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