This little bodega, hidden among Indian and Middle-Eastern restaurants in the Rogers Park/Edgewater neighborhood, offers a wide variety of food, kitchen miscellany, and imports. The first aisle offers a small variety of produce including Latin American favorites such as yucca and platanos. Goya products of every kind, Carribean and South American spices, and imported beauty products line the shelves. There is also a small liquor aisle displaying less-known beers and hard alcohol.

At the back of the store, past a deli counter carrying a variety of imported Spanish sausages (and interesting cuts of meat) is a slanted floor leading to a restaurant area that seats about fifty people. Here, at extremely affordable prices, you can order Cuban, Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian dishes and beverages. The creamy Café Cubano con Leche will warm your belly on a cold night and a quick shot of espresso wakes you while on-the-go. Although the Cuban Sandwich are a common order among the patrons (coming in at $4.49), other dishes such as the Pechuga de Pollo en Mantequilla with a side of tostones and black beans and rice are not to be ignored! The chicken is tender, and the servings are plentiful. Don’t let the outdated 70s paneling and orange and brown décor fool you! This is a great place to catch a quick, cheap meal.

Average meal with beverage: $10

La Unica Food Mart
1515 West Devon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660-1313
(773) 274-7788

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