Décor on a Dime

Need to dress up a drab wall on a budget? Here are a few décor ideas that help you stretch your dollar, but look like a million bucks.

Patterned Pieces
Have extra fabric scraps lying around? Or maybe an old shirt with a fun graphic or pattern? Frame the material to give your wall some pop! You can also use interesting scrapbooking paper (usually between $.50 to $.99 a sheet) or wallpaper scraps to achieve this look. Grouping different frames together adds even more interest to the space. Stop by a thrift store to find cheap frames in various shapes and sizes.

DIY Tip: When using different patterns and different frames together, create a coordinated look by using frames of the same color. Use acrylic paint to make the frames a uniform color.

Great Grids
Grab several canvases of the same size and get artistic. Packages of small canvases can be purchased for under $5 at most arts and craft stores, where small bottles of acrylic paint run a little under $1 as well. Paint the canvases all one solid color, paint a large image across all of your canvases or whatever your inner Picasso can cook up. Once your canvases have been painted and dried, arrange them on your wall in a grid pattern, with an inch or more between each. This wall art is great for over a mantle or above a bed as a faux-headboard.

DIY Tip: Cut out shapes from wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or wallpaper and adhere them to the canvases to add some visual pop.

Creative Clothesline
Use ribbon, yarn or wire to create a photo clothesline along your wall. Tack up both ends of your clothesline material of choice and use clothespins to attach your favorite photos, postcards and greeting cards.

DIY Tip: Use decorative knobs as the anchors of your photo-clothesline. Not only do they provide a sturdier hold than a thumbtack, but they also add a more professional touch to your display.

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