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Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 7:30pm

Theater: Medea’s Got Some Issues

“Medea’s got some issues” by Emilio Williams. Starring Ana Asensio. Directed by Benjamin H. Kamine

September 27, 29 and 29

“Medea” reinvented as a laugh-out-laugh farce? Well, hell hath no funny like a woman scorned! More than 2,400 years after the premiere of her tragedy, an unemployable Latina diva playing Medea presents, without inhibition, the mitigating and sordid factors surrounding the infamous case: from the sexual haste of her husband, Jason, to the misogynistic and xenophobic environment of Classical Corinth. Poetic justice was never this hilarious! By the award-winning playwright of “Smartphones, a pocket sized farce” and “Tables and Beds”

This is a special Chicago sneak-peak at the production that will be featured in United Solo Festival, New York City, October 12th.

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